The Ufahari story is all about addressing the prevalent poverty in the Jua Kali (cottage) industry. Kenyan artisans deserve a better life than the majority of them are currently experiencing.

If you would love to support our solution of providing artisans with space, machinery, and business support at a minimal monthly rate, you can do so in any of the following ways.

1. Financial support

You can provide us with financial support in the form of a grant or a low-interest loan. The support will help to refine the pilot hub and enhance its impact. Contact us now to get a documents package that includes our pitch deck, our financials, our strategic plan, and our registration documents.

2. Machine support

You can can provide us with machine support to ensure our hub has all the machines in the right numbers for the artisans. We are always looking to expand our pilot hub and ensure it has all the things artisans need. Provide us with machine support by supplying commercial machines (e.g.) laser cutting machines for free or on loan.

3. Technical support

You can provide us with technical and mentorship support. Our business is led by a team of experienced yet young entrepreneurs. Any sort of technical support aimed at helping us help artisans is welcome. We are the products of such support (Jasiri Talent Investor Cohort 3) so we completely appreciate the value of technical support.

4. Artisan fee support

Are you interested in paying the monthly fees for artisans at our hub? We welcome such support too. You can pay for a group of artisans to come and make their products at our facility for free. Paying monthly fees for artisans will help them to learn how to make and sell quality products for improved income. It will also enable them to get all the support they need to start and operate their own business outside our hub if they so wish.  

Team Ufahari

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