Ufahari is building the manufacturing capacity of low income jua kali (cottage industry) artisans in Kenya.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower and uplift the lives of thousands of artisans in Nairobi by providing them with collaborative and well-equipped working spaces where they can be their own boss.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a series of well-structured and efficient manufacturing hubs for Jua Kali artisans across Kenya so as to revolutionize cottage industry manufacturing in the country.

Well-equipped workstations
Well-equipped workstations


Jua Kali Artisans

Jua Kali means hot sun in Swahili. The term Jua Kali was created to describe the hundreds of thousands of people in Kenya who work under the hot sun to handcraft items that Kenyans use on a daily basis. Examples of items made by the Jua Kali include beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, cooking utensils, storage boxes, and so on.

The Issue

Juakali artisans, known for their exceptional craftsmanship, face significant barriers to sustainable income generation. Lack of access to finance and limited markets severely restrict their ability to grow their businesses and earn a fair wage.

The absence of proper workspace and modern machinery further hampers their productivity and restricts their potential for scaling up operations. It is imperative to address these challenges and provide a viable solution that empowers Juakali artisans to increase their income while maintaining their independence.

Manual processes hindering productivity
Manual processes hindering productivity


The Ufahari Solution

Our solution is the establishment of a manufacturing hub specifically designed to cater to the needs of Juakali artisans. Through affordable subscriptions, artisans gain access to a fully equipped workspace and high-quality machinery, enabling them to enhance their craftsmanship and increase production efficiency.

Additionally, we will collaborate with construction companies to ensure a consistent flow of business opportunities for the artisans, expanding their market reach and bolstering their income potential.

The Benefits

Artisans who work with us stand to gain the following direct benefits:

  • Better working conditions
  • Access to advanced machines
  • Training on business and scaling
  • Access to bulk work opportunities
  • Mentorship
Advanced machinery and better working environment
Advanced machinery and better working environment


Comprehensive Support

Our manufacturing hub goes beyond providing access to machinery and space. We will offer business support services, including training workshops, mentorship programs, and assistance with marketing and product development. This holistic approach equips artisans with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the market.

Strategic Partnerships

By collaborating with construction companies, we create a direct channel for artisans to receive a consistent flow of projects. This strategic alliance not only ensures a steady income stream but also enables artisans to gain valuable experience and expand their networks within the industry.

Tailored Workspace And Machinery

Our manufacturing hub is designed to cater specifically to the needs of Juakali artisans. We provide a well-equipped workspace, including specialized tools and machinery, ensuring artisans have everything necessary to maximize their productivity and craftsmanship.

Empowering Independence

While collaboration with construction companies offers a consistent supply of business, we prioritize the independence and autonomy of the artisans. They retain full control over their businesses and can leverage the hub’s resources to grow and expand on their own terms.

Standardized production processes
Standardized production processes



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