Ufahari is a subsidiary company of Tangazoletu Limited and a Social Enterprise registered under the laws of Kenya. Its objectives
are to create opportunities that give rise to social good. As a social enterprise, the main objective of Ufahari is to do business and engage
in economic activity that leads to and generates social impact within our communities. Out of Ufahari’s engagement, we hope to uplift the social status
and well being of deserving people within our communities by providing dignified and meaningful economic empowerment
opportunities across several sectors. Ufahari is anchored on the principles and foundations of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
SDG 1: No Poverty, SDG 2: Zero Hunger, SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being, SDG 4: Quality Education,
SDG 5: Gender Equality, SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, SDG 10: Reducing Inequality, SDG
11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG 15: Life On Land, SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals



The Sectors we engage In

Ufahari has a continuous approach identifing specific sectors and using case studies that are deserving of uplifting from a social impact perspective and addressing them one after the other towards improving the social well-being of the deserving community.

Domestic Service Sector

One of its pioneer solutions is an innovative platform for connecting potential employers to employees within the domestic service sector. Through this platform, Ufahari seeks to meet the demand for skilled, verified and trained domestic workers to the Kenyan household through a three-pronged strategy; Training, Vetting and Technology.

Technical Sector

Another pioneer solution lies within identifying, training, vetting and equipping would be service providers / employees with potential employers who require technical solutions to their day to day needs such as: plumbing, electrical works, gardening and landscaping, basic construction management, e.t.c
who we are

Who We Are:

Ufahari is a subsidiary, social enterprise company of Tangazoletu Ltd.

Tangazoletu is a client-centric, Kenyan ICT firm which develops ICT solutions that automate business processes in every sector of the economy to promote efficiency, sustainable innovation, and best practice.

Tangazoletu was registered in the year 2007 and has been in operations since providing enormous solutions around Mobile Financial Technology.

During Tangazoletu’s 10-year Anniversary, the CEO Mr. Chris Gathingu, made three commitments as they celebrated.

  1. To strengthen Tangazoletu’s partnerships with their existing and new clients by increasing their value addition to their relationships.
  2. To reach 10 Million Un Banked and under Banked within Kenya and bring them to financial Inclusion.
  3. To be a socially responsible company that shall bring rise to social good for the betterment of the community and society at large.

The Last commitment above saw the rise of Ufahari as a subsidiary company that would be focused on continuously working to fulfil the commitment as made.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to uplift the social status and well-being of the deserving within the community by providing dignified and meaningful economic empowerment opportunities where they lack.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the beacon of economical hope for the deserving population.

Our Core Values

  • Love for humanity
  • Dignity
  • Social Good

Our Objectives

  • To identify deserving people in the society who need our services
  • Train them on the different relevant subjects
  • Position them for dignified placement with willing employers
  • Advocate for their rights in the society

Our Team


Chris Gathingu

Director & Co-Founder

John Mac Kariuki

CEO & Co-Founder

Our Approach

A. Identify deserving candidates in society.
We take time to identify deserving candidates in society and take them through the program. Being a Social Enterprise, we focus on identifying talented yet less fortunate individuals who have the potential to bloom and excel with our support. Our identification process is rigorous, working with community leaders and administrators, ensuring that we select the most appropriate and deserving candidates within the society.

B. Training the Candidates
We take time to create viable and relevant curriculums that we
thereafter engage the identified candidates in the resultant
trainings. Our choice of curriculum and training is carefully
selected to ensure that it positions great possibility of impact
arising through employment or equipping the candidates with
viable skills that would be easy to commercialize and hence
provide high possibilities of economic opportunities to the
candidates as entrepreneurs or service providers.

C. Positioning the candidates for placement
Once our candidates graduate, we place them on our Ufahari
Placement App in which potential employers or individuals
requiring their skills and input would easily find them and
engage them.

D. Advocating for the rights of the candidates
We continue to advocate for the dignity and rights of our candidates and every human being in the society. We advocate for fair practice and treatment of our candidates during their work / engagement when engaged with employers. We advocate for instance that every Ufahari candidate gets paid a decent wage observing minimum wage and acceptable remuneration practices.

How to Join / Participate

A. Make Individual, Group or Corporate Donations

Like-minded individuals, groups and corporates are invited to make donations towards the social course of Ufahari. Every donation made towards Ufahari shall support the overall objectives and of creating social good in the community as per our approach documented in the above section of Our Approach.

B. Become a Volunteer

Ufahari welcomes volunteers to donate their time and work with us towards the identified objectives. Volunteers may participate in the various sections as described in the approach section above.


C. Partnerships

Ufahari welcomes like minded organizations
and persons to work as partners with whom
we shall work towards achieving the social
good objective. Corporates may also partner
with Ufahari to absorb the trained
candidates for various opportunities that
may be identified within different sectors of


D. Sponsor a program

Individuals, groups or corporates may also
decide to sponsor and fund a program
already established within Ufahari or work
with Ufahari to create a custom-made
program to meet specific needs that align to
our objectives. The sponsor may then have
the liberty to work with Ufahari to craft the
end result of the program


E. Sponsor a Deserving Fahari

Individuals, Groups or Corporates may also
identify and sponsor students within the
various programs to assist them go through
the various trainings and engagements
related to Ufahari.


Fulfilling Dreams

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