Honesty In Your Relationships, Whether With An Escort Or A Pick-up

There are some pick up artists out there who in fact train that it is less complicated to bed married females than single women. I do not subscribe to their teachings. Even though it might be real, it is not the proper thing to do.

It undermines the idea that being with an escort can be an “okay” thing to do. If a single guy picks up a single women, or dates an escort, no one is harmed. If a single guy picks up a married women, or if a married man dates an escort, someone (the “other” woman) is going to be hurt.

And there are loads of single ladies out there! Improving yourself as a guy, making yourself more desirable to women, and making women feel truly special is meant to be the aim. What a guy does with his information and energy is what defines the man no matter whether he is a strong, sound guy or a manipulative douchebag.

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Women always highly regard a man when he is trustworthy with them. A man should be obvious on where he stands at any moment in any relationships. Never lie to gain favor, telling women what you assume they wish to hear.

Be open and honest if you are dating, or having relationships, with other people, and let the woman know that she is free to do the very same. If a women does not want that, don’t be upset with her, or fell hurt. It’s her right and her prerogative. Simply, basically, wish them all the greatest and move on. There are other fish (or escorts) in the sea. You’ll find that this honesty leaves you on pleasant terms with most of these women, even long term. Simply because you are truthful.

If you find this is to hard to do, then resort to escorts rather than picking up women. Find a good escort directory that lists women in your area. They exist for every city in the country, from Dallas to Denver. With a paid date there’s no expectations of a long term relationship, no lying is necessary, and no stories or excuses need to be made up.

Your term is your word. It defines who you are. It is your track record. You should be protective of that. No girl should be able to say that you lied to her. You don’t have to. Not to say that you might not be pissed at a couple of them with your honesty, but that is life. Don’t cheat on a woman. You basically do not have to. You also do not have to get weak when a woman places you on the spot and questions the common query of “So, where’s this heading?” Just adhere to what you want, and be truthful. It really is that simple.

Really do not be frightened that you will have to face dropping her. The reality is, you possibly will at some point — if you are not in an area of total dedication. But that is no reason to lie to keep her about. It will only hurt her in the end, and that is not what a real man does.

If you’d like to know more about dating attitudes, read this article on the psychology of online dating.

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